The Endless Evolving Trilogy: A Poem Cycle  is a collection of related poems.  It can be described as a generational mythology written over more than a quarter century.  It contains fictional characters, humor and serious passages, the playful and the historical, rhyme and free verse.

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Selected Poems (1967 – 2007)  The 63 poems in this volume represent four decades of the author’s writing life. The reader will find poems of work, love, loss, sports, art, the natural world, in a variety of verse forms. There are tears, laughter, reflections, dreams in these pages. The author believes that the verities of Truth and Beauty are as relevant for poets today as they were when John Keats announced them in his day.

You can purchase this collection at Amazon and iUniverse.–2007.aspx

Product DetailsTwo great champions from the 20th century are regene to fight an epic heavyweight bout in the 21st century, with no round limit, winner take all—the mother of all prize fights “The Fight of The Century” is a real treat for boxing fans and aficionados of the sweet science. If you like Liebling, Mailer and Oates on boxing, you’ll enjoy this dramatic tale. The text contains approximately 9,500 words.

Dear Cynthia – For nine years the starship Solar Queen has been voyaging through space on its mission to discover the outermost bounds of the universe. Bored with the mission and hedonistic lifestyle aboard ship, Max, a former scholar and now ship’s librarian, takes up a fountain pen in hand and writes to Cynthia, his one and only wife in his first life on Earth. “You and I were lovers and lovers of books,” he writes. The letters are fed into the ship’s computer and shot out at hyperlight speed toward distant Earth. In this story the past has more weight, more resonance, than the present, in 2045.

Aided by a scrapbook, Max reminisces about his suburban childhood, high school in the 1960s where he and Cynthia were sweethearts, and later to the Institute of Life where both were reborn as clones in the 21st Century. Cynthia and Max went their separate ways: Max going off exploring in space and Cynthia remaining on Earth. As Max reminisces to Cynthia, he fends off advances from Vandora, his predatory supervisor aboard ship. A gorgeous stowaway will complicate his life. A warp disaster will shake the mission to its core. Will Max ever see Cynthia again?

Fontaine and the Dreamtellers – An adventurer arrives on Conus as a prisoner, to toil in the pit, rows and rows of keyworkers with potty seats and gerbil tubes. Their job is to convert the dreams of the Wicks, an ancient race of dreamtellers, into code for brain patches. The computerized Topsiders, who forced the Wicks to live underground, have lost the capacity to dream and rely on the patches to function.

The head of the corporation that runs Conus vows to eliminate the Wicks and rely on computer-manufactured dreams entirely, even though those patches don’t work very well. Fontaine falls in love with Varna, a beautiful masseuse from the pit, and leads in the defense of the Wicks against the ruthless Topsider army.


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