January 2009

A Mind In Love With The Sun


A Spacious Room

A man stands in a spacious room
Open to the brilliant sun;
Curtains dance in the morning breeze,
Like women’s skirts or children’s knees,
As the man eats small round peaches
By the window, one by one.

The warm sun pours in the window,
Quiet as a sleeping cat,
And amplifies the light-clad man,
Confident, with a native tan,
Leaning out on the window sill
Of the bright white stucco flat.

Deeply the man breathes in and out,
As he looks across the sea;
Down on the beach the breakers pound,
As smacks and sloops are outward bound
From the roofs and streets and window,
Where the man stands peacefully.

From Selected Poems 1967 -2007
By Hudson Owen
published by iUniverse 2008
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