On July 17, Jerrol LeBaron, founder of Honor In Office, will lead a march on Congress in the cause of promoting transparency in politics.  The main goal of Honor In Office is to compel, members of Congress ,by law, to certify that they have read the bills they consider and sign into law, in their entirety.  Its shocking, though hardly surprising, that so few members of Congress read these monster bills from cover-to-cover–you see Congressional pages pushing carts containing these bills of several thousand pages in length because they are too heavy to carry.

I support Jerrol in his work and urge you to check out Honor In Office at http://www.honorinoffice.org.  You can read about Jerrol and his organization, make a donation or contribute your time, or join in the march.  The HIO website has up-to-date information on the march.  Honor In Office is anon-partisan grass-roots organization.  It is often said that we get the kind of government we deserve.  Honor In Office deserves your support.

Thank you.