Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the GOP race for president, has proposed a complete ban on immigration to America until we can “figure out what the hell is going on.”

So, how many Muslims are there in America? Official estimates vary from 4 million to 12 million. That’s a very wide spread. So, yes, we don’t know what the hell we are doing.

Looking at the matter as a New Yorker, how do the numbers shake out? Of the fourteen or so attacks that have been thwarted by authorities, all, or almost all attempts on New York, have been by Muslims.

When Jim voices dissatisfaction with the system, he writes a letter to his congressman. When Jihadi Jim is dissatisfied, he goes to Pakistan and learns the art of bomb making, returns to America and tries to build the largest bomb he can to blow up the most number of people. It gets personal. A van carrying a thousand pound truck bomb was parked 75 feet from the entrance to my building. The target was the Federal Reserve Bank of New York across the street. The perp activated what he thought was a cell phone switch in Queens, and is sitting in a Federal penitentiary somewhere. It wasn’t his day, thank God.

It’s always the homegrown Jihidi that wants to do us in. I wonder why?

GOP candidates have lined up against Trump. Paul Ryan has said “It’s not who we are.” And it’s true that excluding a person because his religion is unconstitutional. But that assumed that his religion is in synch with American values.

Muslins complain that their religion has been hijacked. They say theirs in the “religion of peace.” All you have to do is look up the history of jihad, which goes back to the beginning of Islam. The only thing that has stopped them has been military force. They don’t change directions; they just build a new army and try again. Yes, there is Muslim-on Muslim violence. The Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire, led by T.E. Lawrence, is an example of that. But as Muslim strength relative to the West, with its superior science and nuclear weapons, grows, we will see a more confident and assertive Islam, an Islam that is prepared to challenge the West on its own terms and bring about the dream of the umma—Islamic world rule. Watch Iran.

America is founded on the idea of freedom of choice. Islam is founded on the idea of submission to God. You aren’t free to choose your religion according to Islam. You are born a Muslim and you can lose your life if you decide to convert to Christianity, say. Christ taught man to turn the other cheek. The Prophet was a warrior and taught his followers to rule by the sword.

Christianity and Islam are fundamentally different. One believes in freedom of expression, while the other believes in bowing to the earth five times a day in submission to God.

So while it might be dicey to rule on Muslims based on constitutional law. Who are we really protecting? Islamicists who use American values to defend their presence is this country? Or the people who founded this country and formed its values and are called by the petty and awkward “Islamaphob?”

Hudson Owen All Rights Reserved