The Occupy Wall Street protests entered their 17th day Tuesday. Today is zombie day. Quoting from the New York Post: “ ‘The Zombie is a metaphor and symbol of corporate greed,’ said Manhattan artist Mercury Cloud, 36, as he painted people’s faces…”

Really? I thought zombies were symbols of the living dead. Remember the movie Night of the Living Dead? That’s your archetypical zombie. Again, from the Post: “The Times quoted one Occupy Wall Street veteran telling a newcomer: ‘It doesn’t matter what you’re protesting. Just protest.’” Got it.

Do they really want to shut down Wall Street? New York City would turn into a ghost town without taxes on Wall Street. Greed is good for the coffers of Gotham. Without that stream of green flowing from downtown to the Mayor’s Office and Albany, the Big Apple would become a little sample cup of juice, before it blew away into a dusty gulch.

Taxes on Wall Street provide for thousands of city jobs, good union jobs. Now the ballsy Transport Workers Union is has gone to federal court to block the city from commandeering city buses to haul away protesters as the NYPD did on Saturday when the demonstrators tried to shut down traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. So now they’re protesting the Brooklyn Bridge? They’re trying to shut down the entire city. Huh?

Are they against local business? Because local businesses are complaining about loss of revenues due to these days of street demonstrations. Who is donating pizzas and other such healthy foods to keep these happy feet on the march? What’s their angle? Today the Occupy Wall Street bunch joined a rally on the Upper East Side in support of locked-out art handlers at Sotheby’s. Now there’s a target for you, Sotheby’s. Have protest, will travel.

The longer this thing goes on, the more attention it attracts. A rolling stone gathers celebrities like Susan Sarandon, so I hear. Does the chant “Down With The Rich!” include Hollywood stars? Or would this wandering troop jump at the chance to be extras in a big time film at $100 a day? They’re always shooting somewhere around town.

Demonstrators are falling to sniper’s bullets in Damascus, and we have street theater in Manhattan. OK, that’s a good thing—once in awhile—street theater. Even if it’s zombies who don’t know the difference from a street and an avenue. But hey, watch the police overtime. My taxes pay for that.

It’s nice this time of year. You know, autumn in New York. Maybe a few stalwarts will hang around to run in the New York Marathon in November. And then maybe, just maybe, they’ll go somewhere else when the chill sets in.

By Hudson Owen. All Rights Reserved.