Born of a boom in booming times
After a booming war,
The enormous children popped out,
And their first word was “More!”

Their parents, like all good winners,
Went out and bought the store.
The enormous children jumped for joy
And cried for more and more.

They got Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets,
Little League and TV too,
And TV dinners and heartland food;
So they grew and grew and grew.

Then one day their parents said,
“It’s time to fight your war.”
The enormous children jumped up
And down and really swore.

“Why?” their parents sternly asked.
“Doesn’t everyone have a war?”
“No!” the enormous children shouted,
And they up and rocked the store.

They took toys off their Christmas list
And gave up apple pie.
They knocked the nuclear family
And sang while they were high.

As the enormous children said –
And children are always right –
It was not business as usual,
When you saw things in their light.

Well, debaters will ever debate
The Beatles and their songs,
If Sally, Dick and Spot were right,
If the rights outweighed the wrongs.

The enormous children grew and grew.
And they do so to this day.
Yes, some have turned into grownups;
Some are merely touched with grey.

From Selected Poems 1967 -2007
by Hudson Owen. All Rights Reserved.