One morning in 1973 I awoke, took up pen and paper, and wrote 300+ lines of verse, and went back to sleep. I did things like that in those days.

These were the first four poems of “The Living Legend of Peezis Rilly Here.” The thing popped out like that, characters and all. None of it had been in my conscious mind when I went to sleep the night before.

I soon finished the Peezis poems, 14 in all, and went on to write two other poem sections of what became The Endless Evolving Trilogy – A Poem Cycle. That took about a year. As was usual with me, I tried to publish it. There were no offers, although several persons, editors, failed to return the manuscript to me.

Over the years I continued to work on The EET. The middle and last sections changed radically. In 2000, after more than 60 rejections by publishers large and small, I published the book with iUniverse.

The Living Legend contains fictional characters. The main characters are Peezis Rilly Here and his friend Dr. Cerpeption. Dr. Cerpeption speaks in rhymed couplets, while Peezis speaks in occasional rhyme, what I sometimes call rambling rhyme, basically free verse with rhyme.

If there was an influence, an inspiration, for these poems, it was in the writings of the popular German poet, Christian Morgenstern (1871 – 1914).

“The Living Legend of Peezis Rilly Here” tells a story. It begins with “Peezis Goes To The Tangopen.”

In this poem, which I summarize because of its length, Peezis is ordered to appear at the Tangopen to explain what he has done. It seems that, one day while cleaning his gutter, Peezis felt a shudder, scratched his head and swore. Somehow, because of this act, the world can no longer make war. The admirals and generals grill him. What kind of word was it that he swore? Peezis doesn’t say. He is as baffled as they are. The deed cannot be undone. Peezis is released.

So now we are living in a whimsical world where no one can make war, but still there are problems. John Lennon said, “Give peace a chance.” This is one version of that vision.

by Hudson Owen. All Rights Reserved.